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Headscarves in the Turkish labor market

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The following is a rare sort of study that I’ve been meaning to share for some time now. It is the English version of a Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV) publication that gained some recognition back in November 2010. It is still relevant, though, and it is worth perusing to gain a data-based sense of perspective that is generally lacking in the scholarship.

The main point of interest is the “spillover effect” that the public sector ban on headscarves has on the private sector—and thereby on women in the labor market as a whole. This effect, according to the study, only serves to aggravate the preexisting rights debate over the headscarf. For the regular readers: I will probably be referring to this study in the future.

PDF: Headscarf Ban and Discrimination

Author: Dilek Cindoğlu

The main purpose of this research is to understand in a sociological framework the mechanisms of discrimination experienced by professional headscarved women in Turkey in 2010 while entering and staying in job markets. Since the 1980s, the headscarf ban has had direct and indirect impacts on headscarved women in higher education and professional jobs. But the scholarship on women and employment in Turkey has not yet discussed the effects of the ban. The right to education and employment is a fundamental constitutional right of citizens in modern societies. The headscarf ban not only prevents the exercise of a most fundamental citizenship right, but also restricts the participation of headscarved women in business life. The present research, therefore, seeks to understand the effects of the headscarf ban on women’s participation in working life.

Written by M. James

March 31, 2012 at 1:29 am