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Gaza bound: Update

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The apparent conclusion to the voyage of the Tahrir and the MV Saoirse:

Activists on the pro-Palestinian ships that aim to block the Israeli blockade on Gaza say two Israeli warships have surrounded the two boats and that they have lost all contact with the world.

The campaign organisers in Canada and the EU tweeted that they lost contact with all journalists onboad and suspect that the Israeli navy jammed the boats’ communications.

They also detailed that the boats are about 40 miles off of the Gaza shore, but still in international waters.

An hour earlier (12pm GMT) the Israeli navy made radio contact with one of the ships.

In a statement published on the Canada Boat to Gaza campaign website reads that an Israel navy officer warned the captain that Israeli navy ships would intercept them at any minute.

And intercepted they were.

Another blockade-breaker handled reasonably well by Israel. More opportunities to come, no doubt.

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November 7, 2011 at 3:28 pm

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Gaza bound

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Google Maps "could not calculate directions."

The Tahrir and the MV Saoirse, former components of the failed “Freedom Flotilla II” to Gaza in July (failed due to a combination of sabotage and an unsupportive Greece), are trying again.

The Tahrir, a Canadian ship by origin, flies the Comoros flag. The MV Saoirse, an Irish ship by origin, flies the American flag.

The two ships are reported to have left the Turkish port of Fethiye with activists on board (and with Rhodes as the supposed destination), and will be due in blockade waters within days.

Not all the attempts at breaking Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip have been “incidents,” but none of them have been successful, either. Potential for another Mavi Marmara looms.

Written by M. James

November 2, 2011 at 12:51 pm

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