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The ascendancy of USSOCOM

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Below is an excerpt from an informative article on one of the aforementioned “Solutions to the vulnerability of a globalized world”—imperialism. Specifically, the military aspect of American imperialism.

As we know, someone has to protect the global supply chain, and U.S. special forces apparently won the contract. “Coming to a Third World country near you!”

The Golden Age of Special Operations
Andrew Bacevich; TomDispatch; May 29th, 2012

Since 9/11, USSOCOM’s budget has quadrupled. The special operations order of battle has expanded accordingly.  At present, there are an estimated 66,000 uniformed and civilian personnel on the rolls, a doubling in size since 2001 with further growth projected. Yet this expansion had already begun under Obama’s predecessor.  His essential contribution has been to broaden the special ops mandate.  As one observer put it, the Obama White House let Special Operations Command “off the leash.”

As a consequence, USSOCOM assets today go more places and undertake more missions while enjoying greater freedom of action than ever before.  After a decade in which Iraq and Afghanistan absorbed the lion’s share of the attention, hitherto neglected swaths of Africa, Asia, and Latin America are receiving greater scrutiny. Already operating in dozens of countries around the world — as many as 120 by the end of this year — special operators engage in activities that range from reconnaissance and counterterrorism to humanitarian assistance and “direct action.”

Written by M. James

June 1, 2012 at 3:51 pm