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Three years of 28east

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May 17th, 2014

It is time to utter some parting words:

This blog has been more successful than I could have possibly intended three years ago. At crucial intervals, it has provided the stimulus—as a feeling of obligation—to write for the sake of writing and to, most importantly, read with a pen. The praise and criticism—both prompted and unprompted—for what has been essayed on this blog has been both galling and reassuring, yet always useful to my thought. Perhaps most importantly (albeit harder to explain) has been the feeling of release that the “Publish” button has provided, which has been crucial in deadening the frequent urge to publish unfinished academic or professional work, or to contrive some false narrative purpose for the sake of my career.

Nonetheless, and despite my anonymity, I have received on several occasions the gratification of peers’ compliments as well as the simple pleasure of a few high-traffic days. I must admit that despite my oft-stated purpose, others’ commendations are motivation in themselves.

To the reader who has encountered this post before any other, I will issue a word of warning: In any field of knowledge, prolific publication should be viewed as a red flag. Writing to put food on the table, as most academics and professional analysts will admit they must do, is often detrimental to honest thought. This blog has fed no one. If for no other reason, I encourage the reader to peruse these pages. The thought—and the progression of that thought—is uncommonly honest.

To the reader who has returned, or who has actively contributed to the clarification and criticism of the thought on this blog (of whom there are precious few)—thank you.

Nothing remains to be said.


M. James

Written by M. James

May 17, 2014 at 10:15 pm