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PM Davutoğlu?

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Don’t bother reading the article, but the following excerpt is an interesting look at how current the idea of Davutoğlu as prime minister really is—or was (as the article oddly suggests). As an outsider looking in, I haven’t seen a lot of PM-potential in Davutoğlu (which is not an insult), but perhaps I’ve been wrong.

People who are close to Davutoğlu, and his students from the Science and Art Foundation, a foundation established by Davutoğlu and his friends back in the 1980s to support students pursuing graduate studies and conducting research around the world, are tirelessly working to prepare for the post-Erdoğan period and believe Davutoğlu is the number one candidate for the post of prime minister.

The fact that Mr. Davutoğlu is a successful academic, politician and thinker indeed makes him the most likely candidate for the post.


Written by M. James

May 4, 2012 at 10:51 pm