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The Russians are coming!

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Analysis from a better blogger than I:

Russia is deploying warships at its base in Syria. The battle group includes aircraft carrying missile cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov. The deployment is being projected as pre-planned and having no relation to the current tensions in Syria, but it follows the US move to station the George H.W. Bush Carrier Strike Group with support vessels off Syria. Speculation is mounting about a western ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Syria. 

The Russian MFA spokesman said on Friday, “The human rights situation in a particular country may certainly be the subject of international concern, but human rights issues under no conditions should be used as a pretext for interfering in the internal affairs of states, in this case Syria. The Syrian people must decide their own fate, without ‘tips from outside.We absolutely do not accept a scenario of military intervention in Syria.”

The big question is whether there could be a US-Russia showdown over Syria. For US, regime change in Syria opens the road to taking on Hamas and Hezbollah next, which would isolate Iran. The stakes are very high. For Russia, loss of the Tartus naval base will be a serious blow that will cripple its capability to operate in the Mediterranean region, apart from Syria being an old ally.

Russia can’t think it’s going to stop the momentum of the NATO-US-UN-AL-GCC-SNC-MB-supported regime change in Syria. But if anything more than a show of displeasure is meant by the voyage of the Kuznetsov, we’ll find out soon enough.

Written by M. James

November 30, 2011 at 1:31 pm

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