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PKK a tool of “certain powers”

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Turkish ground troops have entered northern Iraq (with significant air support) in response to recent attacks by PKK militants. Erdoğan has, of course, taken the opportunity to lay blame on nebulous “powers.” (AJE)

“The PKK are subcontractors used by other forces and other powers, trying to provoke Turkish society.” [CSM]

Speaking about Israel in September, Davutoglu said that the PKK has turned into a tool for anyone who wants to harm Turkey. “Every time someone wants to bother Turkey he uses the PKK,” he said. “It is important that our Kurdish brothers pay attention to this.” (Haaretz)

But Davutoğlu probably wasn’t just referring to Israel here. More likely is that he thinks that several groups aside from Israel really have been trying to “bother Turkey” with help from the PKK.

Which would help to explain the PKK’s seemingly endless supply chain.

Written by M. James

October 19, 2011 at 6:50 pm

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